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Service Statuses

[SERVER] Linux Server: Archived
[SERVER] Ferret Server: Operational
[BOT] Ferret: Down
[SERVICE PROVIDER] 87fs: Online.
[SERVICE] 87Ferrets CDN: Working normally
[SERVICE] Free Disk Space: Down

Services we provide

87Ferrets CDN - Upload your file to our content delivery network and get a link to access it, saving you precious disk space! [Available]

Service Disclaimer

All of these services that we offer is hosted by our second site

Why do we need

This site ( is stored on a 128GB USB Drive and for services such as our free CDN where we expect people to upload large files, space and speed becomes an issue. Right now, the server can happily run forums, the blog and the rest of the website without much of an issue. But when it comes to our features such as our free CDN, it is almost certain that if people upload large files to this server, either it will be unbearably slow or the server will go down, so we bought a different site with unlimited disk space and quite decent speeds.

Why not host this website on the unlimited disk space and decent speed server?

The problem with that server is that end to end SSL/TLS encryption is not fully supported and that becomes an issue. Also, we cannot use Cloudflare's amazing services to protect our users and help improve the performance of the site. Plus, there is always something special about a website hosted by yourself.

Can I trust

Of course you can! We use it to protect our users and provide our many amazing services. Sadly, it has no end to end SSL / TLS encryption so you are advised not to pass personal, private or illegal file transfers to or from the website as everything could be intercepted by someone who hijacked the connection. (The illegal transfers may get you banned from our site.)


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